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A Young Mother is Empowered to Change

For as long as Vaatika could remember, she had lived with deep frustration bubbling just under the surface. Her emotions often spilled over in the form of angry outbursts and hurtful words. Vaatika wanted to be a calm and kind person, but she couldn’t seem to change.

As a child, Vaatika thrived in school, but her family’s poverty forced her to quit when she was just a second grader. Her parents didn’t have enough money to send her to school, and they needed her to take care of the home so they could work.

By the time Vaatika was in her early 20s, she had very few practical life skills, but was married and had a two-year-old daughter. Now, she was living the same hand-to-mouth struggle for survival that she had watched her parents endure. She knew she and her husband could do better, if only they had some education!

One day, Vaatika happened to meet a woman named Siddra who was starting an Adult Literacy Class nearby. Siddra invited Vaatika to join, and she eagerly accepted.

Vaatika excelled in the Literacy Class. She attended diligently, practiced the lessons at home, and within a few months she could read her own language and even some simple English words!

Learning unlocked something deep within Vaatika. She took in every piece of information and immediately put it into action however she could.

Through a special health training, Vaatika learned how to organize their belongings, keep a neat home, and save for a rainy day. She also learned how to improve self-sufficiency by growing vegetables. She planted the seeds she was given and was soon feeding her family more nutritious food while spending less money on groceries. Perhaps most importantly, Vaatika also learned key practices for preventing illness, such as safe food storage and effective handwashing.

With each new skill Vaatika learned, her inner frustration decreased. She finally had the tools to build a better life! But the holistic impact of the Literacy Class didn’t end there. Throughout the class, Vaatika had heard about the love of Christ, and His power to change our hearts from the inside out. She dared to hope that He would free her from the anger within.

Vaatika began praying whenever she felt angry. Vaatika’s husband noticed that she was less combative, and their marriage was happier. Praise God for the Literacy Class that empowered Vaatika to improve her life! Please pray that Vaatika would ultimately embrace Jesus as her Savior, and that her husband would know Him as well.