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A Friend’s Kindness + Miraculous Healing

Peehuna lives in a small village near the riverbank with her husband and children. Due to the location of their village, monsoons are frequent and result in many people living two to three months at a time surrounded by flooding. But the floods also contribute to fertile ground.

Peehuna’s husband inherited a small portion of land near the river which he used for farming. Together, the two of them spent their days planting and harvesting vegetables, then gathering and selling them for a profit. They didn’t make much, but they earned enough to keep food on the table for their children.

But that all changed after the birth of their third child.

Peehuna contracted a urinary tract infection along with low blood pressure. Her husband did the only things he could think of. He prayed to their gods and goddesses, and he took animals as sacrificial offerings to the priests. He also brought Peehuna to the hospital, but nothing worked.

Peehuna only seemed to get worse, growing weaker by the day. Eventually, she was unable to work alongside her husband. Without her help, he couldn’t gather a full harvest and they quickly lost income. Peehuna’s family was on the brink of poverty.

During this time, Church Planter Bodin visited Peehuna and learned about all her trials. Bodin was a compassionate woman, and she took pity on Peehuna.

Bodin came back daily to pray for and encourage her new friend, sharing the hope of Jesus and the healing that was possible through God’s power. It didn’t take long for Peehuna’s heart to soften. She believed the message Bodin proclaimed, and Peehuna received Jesus as her Lord and Savior! Then, just four months later, Peehuna’s husband also received salvation!

Over time, Peehuna’s blood pressure regulated, and her infection was healed. This miracle deepened the couple’s faith, showing them that God’s healing comes free of cost. No chicken or goat needed to be offered; just the love of Jesus poured out for them.

Peehuna and her husband are now learning what it means to raise a family that is committed to Jesus. Will you pray for them as they share the Gospel of Christ with their children?