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February 2022 India Intercessor

Dear Friends,

I am so grateful that you choose to set aside time in your prayer life to intercede for India with us! Not only are you part of a community of prayer partners across the U.S.; you are joining believers in India who are praying for change in their own nation, too.

In fact, our prayer groups in India are key to forming new churches. In these groups, a small group of people typically meet and pray the BLESS prayer regularly. Our late founder, John DeVries, inspired us to use the BLESS acronym to pray over all aspects of a person’s life: their Body, Labor, Emotions, Spiritual life, and Social life.

Using this as a guideline within prayer groups, Church Planters in India have seen Jesus do all kinds of miracles. Bodies are healed, long-awaited Labor opportunities open up, people are Emotionally healed, others are Spiritually changed, and Social lives improve thanks to the encouragement from Christian community.

I wonder if you are asking God to work in any of these areas of your own life. One of my favorite pastors said once that there is a big difference between God saying “no” and “not yet.” Those words have sustained me during times when I have been waiting on God for a breakthrough. If God has yet to work in your Body, Labor, Emotions, Spiritual life, or Social life, remember that it doesn’t mean God is saying “no”—His answer might just be “not yet.”

May you be filled with hope as you approach the throne of God with your own needs and India’s!

Together, for India,

Todd VanEk
President & CEO

Download Intercessor prayers for February 2022 here.