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Baran Found Hope in a Valley of Despair

Baran and Kawthar lived a beautiful and simple life in their small village in eastern India. They both worked hard, and they acted wisely, living frugally and saving money for the children they hoped to have one day. Soon, they were blessed with a son!

They began their new life as a family of three and settled into the rhythms of parenthood. Until one day, when Kawthar was so fatigued that she could barely sit up. She had a fever and a terrible headache, too. When seizures began, Baran knew he had to get Kawthar to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctors jumped into action, stabilizing Kawthar and performing various tests. Amid the flurry of activity, Baran learned his wife’s diagnosis: a severe case of viral meningitis. Although viral meningitis is normally mild, in Kawthar’s case, they were uncertain whether she would recover.

After getting this devastating news, Baran did what he had been raised to do in hard times. He lit incense, performed rituals, and offered sacrifices to his gods. Baran hoped to gain his gods’ blessings so that Kawthar would get better, but weeks passed, and nothing changed.

Baran spent his days on autopilot: working, caring for their son, and going back and forth between their village and the hospital. Soon, they had spent all their hard-earned savings on various treatments and medicines, to no avail. A heartbroken Baran worried that, instead of the beautiful future they’d imagined, he would be raising their son alone.

Knowing Baran’s despair, a friend introduced him to Bhavmeet, a Church Planter who was living in their area. Bhavmeet offered to pray to Jesus for Kawthar’s healing. At this point, Baran was willing to try anything, so he invited the compassionate Church Planter to the hospital. Bhavmeet placed his hand on Kawthar’s shoulder and prayed for God’s healing touch to restore her. The very next day, Kawthar began responding to the medicines. Within a couple of weeks, she was fully healthy again!

Kawthar’s healing opened a door in Baran and Kawthar’s hearts. After seeing the power of God heal his wife when there seemed to be no hope, Baran needed to know more. The couple met with Bhavmeet again, and they began visiting a prayer group and worshipping group. They soon learned that Jesus could do much more for them than just physical healing!

Baran and Kawthar heard the truly Good News that Jesus paid the price for their sins so that they could have eternal life in relationship with Him. This gift contrasted starkly with their gods, whose blessing they had tried to obtain through rituals and sacrifices. They joyfully received Christ as their Savior and set aside all false gods and idols! They now attend a worshipping group each week and have built a community with other believers. Day by day, they strive to learn more through God’s Word, and they are raising their son to know and love Christ!