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Madia: Spoiled Child Develops Character

Even though Madia was blessed to grow up in a wealthy home with parents who followed Jesus, she proved to be a handful! Madia’s mom and dad were both teachers in her village. They lived in a charming community near the forest, and Madia, who was their only child, was given whatever she wanted.

In the fifth grade, Madia’s schoolwork really suffered from her laziness and disinterest. Her poor conduct, bad language, disrespect toward others, and stubbornness left her parents frustrated, not knowing what to do. They tried to teach Madia good manners, but the busyness of their careers left little time for Madia, and her behavior worsened.

Fortunately, a new Year-Long Children’s Bible Club was launched in Madia’s village. The Bible Club leader spoke with parents in the area, telling them of the many benefits their children would receive, including assistance with schoolwork. Madia’s parents learned about the Bible Club through a member of the church they attended and decided to send Madia.

Madia’s parents had high hopes for the Children’s Bible Club – specifically that their daughter would develop better character. Madia received a warm welcome from the Bible Club leader, but she was initially uncomfortable and shy.

Gradually, as she sang action songs, learned Bible verses, and studied with other children, she felt better and was inspired by the activities. Madia enjoyed meeting new friends and seeing how the children helped one another.

Madia was soon learning new things every day at the Bible Club. As a result, her character has changed! She now respects her parents and completes her homework on time. Madia has also started reading her Bible daily, and her parents couldn’t be happier with the changes they’ve seen in their daughter. They are so thankful to the Bible Club leader and to God. Please pray that Madia will come to know Jesus as her personal Savior and that she will continue to do well in her studies.