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A Wandering Youth Finds Peace

Pakiza was a playful child with a joyful manner that led to having many friends. Since Pakiza’s mother worked long hours as a daily wage laborer, and her father as a painter, Pakiza spent her evenings without the direction or attention of her parents.

Like most children would, Pakiza enjoyed her independence. Why spend time working on homework or doing chores when there was no adult around to force her? Instead, Pakiza ran around with her friends and did what she pleased.

As Pakiza grew older, her selfish choices grew into full-fledged rebellion. She constantly disobeyed her parents and was terribly behind in her studies. Her parents knew Pakiza needed more love and attention, but they needed both incomes to make ends meet. They felt powerless to help Pakiza turn from her self-destructive path.

But then the family met Kaisha, who led a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club nearby.

Kaisha invited Pakiza to join the Bible Club, where Pakiza could go each afternoon to play and learn alongside her peers. Pakiza began attending the Bible Club, and she loved playing sports, learning fun new songs, and making new friends. Kaisha recognized Pakiza’s need for care and attention and focused on helping her feel connected, wanted, and relaxed.

Once the two built a strong bond, Kaisha began working with Pakiza on her schoolwork. Kaisha let Pakiza work at her own pace, challenging her just enough to build her confidence and motivate her to work harder. Soon, Pakiza was enthusiastically participating in every aspect of the Bible Club, from sports and studying to Christ-centered activities. Through the Bible-based stories and songs, Pakiza learned about Jesus’ love. She recognized Jesus as the only true God and stopped worshipping her family’s gods.

Pakiza was eager to learn more about Jesus. One day, Kaisha told the story of the prodigal son from Luke 15. Pakiza realized that she was very much like the prodigal son who had lived a selfish life of disobedience. Convicted of her sin, Pakiza confessed her need for Christ and received salvation!

At home, Pakiza apologized to her parents for her rebellion, and they were amazed at the change in her. Not long after, Kaisha was able to visit Pakiza’s home and share the Gospel with her parents, too. Pray with us that Pakiza’s joyful faith will inspire her parents, so they may also seek and know Christ!