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Protection from Persecution

Najiya, an Adult Literacy student, is the only person in her family who is following Jesus, and she is facing persecution because of it. Everyone in her family has opposed her decision to become a Christian, but Najiya’s brother has been the most vocal. He stirs up conflict in the village and even threatens to kill Najiya. The brother she once played with and ate with is now wishing her dead.

All of this has left Najiya not only fearing for her life, but also grieving the loss of the relationship she once had with her family. Because of her faith in Christ, Najiya’s own brother is willing to take her life.

Her brother opposes other believers, too. He often recruits young men to monitor the movements and activities of Christians in their village, using the information to stop worshipping groups and prayer groups. Because of Najiya’s brother, the atmosphere across the entire village has turned hostile toward Christians.

With all of this going on, we invited you to pray for Najiya’s protection through the India Intercessor on August 8th, 2022, along with her health, which was suffering. Back then, Najiya experienced severe gynecological issues that made it difficult for her to approach her daily responsibilities. At that time, Najiya felt the weight of life on all sides and asked for prayer from her Christian community.

Since that day you prayed for Nijiya, God has responded by healing her! The Lord has also protected Najiya from the persecution of her family, which continues today. Thank you for interceding for Najiya!

Your prayers truly lead to life change. And while Najiya has seen many of your prayers answered, her life is still at risk. Najiya’s family still opposes her faith, and her brother remains hostile toward Christians in their village. Will you continue to pray for her safety and strength in the days ahead? Let’s also pray for her brother to have a change of heart.