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Village Outraged by Midesh’s Faith in Christ

Pictured left to right, above: Kameela, Midesh, and their 17-year-old son.

If an abusive alcoholic finally turned his life around, you’d expect everyone to be thrilled, wouldn’t you? Change like this is something to celebrate!

Well, that’s not what happened for Midesh.

Not long ago, Midesh was physically abusing his wife, Kameela, and spending the majority of his income on alcohol. He brought disgrace on his family, causing chaos wherever he went.

As you can imagine, Kameela was desperate for change. So when pleas to her deities had no effect on Midesh’s behavior, she was open to other options.

Through the support of people like you, Church Planter Paran crossed paths with Kameela during his outreach work! He shared the Gospel and taught Kameela how to pray to Jesus for her needs. Within just a few months, God answered her prayers—Midesh gave up alcohol! Through the power of the Gospel, he also came to understand the impact of his behavior and started to take good care of his family.

Inside-out change came when Midesh received Jesus as his Savior… But that’s also when his new troubles began. Despite Midesh’s changed life, locals were outraged that he would follow Jesus, and they responded in anger.

First, they spread false rumors that Midesh had been paid money to follow Jesus. Then, they threatened to expel Midesh’s family from the village, warning that anyone who tried to help them would be punished. And in another case, locals intentionally damaged a water pump to prevent the family from drawing water.

Despite all of this, Midesh remained confident in Christ. For the safety of his family, he moved them to another village, but they never wavered in their faith. In fact, the opposite happened! Midesh and Kameela’s 17-year-old son saw God’s goodness in the midst of their trials and received Christ as his Savior, too.

Midesh and his family are an incredible example of what believers in India are willing to endure for Christ. We praise God for their strong faith, and we invite you to pray for this family’s continued safety and the salvation of Midesh and Kameela’s other children.