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A Family in Conflict Finds Christ

Palkesh was one of six children in a home full of conflict. His mother died when he was a child, so his father, Jasvir, coped with the loss by drinking alcohol.

Occasional drinking quickly became an addiction, and Jasvir began neglecting his family responsibilities. When he was drunk, Jasvir would yell at the children and beat them. The daily abuse left a cloud of despair over their home.

Over time, the constant tension tore away at Palkesh’s relationship with his father. Palkesh distanced himself from his family because he felt unsafe in his home. To avoid his Jasvir’s chaos, Palkesh found new friends, but they pressured him to drink.

Eventually, drinking alcohol became his go-to activity. By the time Palkesh reached adulthood, addiction, violence, and anger made up his whole life.

In the back of his mind, Palkesh knew he needed to change. Alcohol had a stronghold on him, though. It was an addiction he could not overcome on his own.

But all that changed when he met Church Planter Mobena.

Mobena boldly shared the Gospel with Palkesh, who had spent his life worshipping many gods and goddesses. He believed in karma, not in Heaven. But as Palkesh heard that Jesus is the only Savior of the world, the Holy Spirit moved in his heart. He became curious about the things Mobena was saying and kept asking her questions.

Because of Mobena’s training through the prayers and support of people like you, she knew the importance of building a relationship while sharing the Gospel. Mobena saw Palkesh as a person, not a project. So, she engaged Palkesh’s questions with honesty and sincerity—never rushing to an answer or shaming Palkesh for his doubts. Over time, Palkesh was convicted of his ways. He confessed his sin, believed in Jesus, and received Christ as his Lord and Savior!

Palkesh was a changed man, and he couldn’t keep it to himself! He went home and told his whole family about Jesus. Seeing the change in him, Jasvir and Palkesh’s siblings later came to a saving knowledge of Jesus, too!

God worked a miracle in this family. They now attend Mobena’s worshipping group together and are growing in their faith. A family that once lived in conflict because of brokenness now lives in peace because of Jesus!