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A Miracle for Manroop’s Mother

Manroop had a good life with two devoted parents and three siblings. Her father worked hard for the family and even earned enough money to build them a home.

But all that changed when Manroop’s mother fell seriously ill. With no good hospitals in their village, Manroop’s father had to spend all their savings to rush his wife to the city hospital. Once they arrived, the doctors were unable to treat her and sent them home without a cure.

Then, a neighbor advised the family to take Manroop’s mother to a sage, who treated people free of charge. But the sage told Manroop’s family that her mother was possessed by evil spirits and could not be cured.

Years passed by, and it seemed like all hope was lost. Was it possible that the sage was right? Was Manroop’s mom incurable?

These questions went unanswered until Manroop’s friend invited her to join a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club. Manroop got permission from her parents and enrolled immediately!

Manroop enjoyed the games and activities, she received help with her studies, and she learned about Jesus. Bible Club leader Marut taught her that Jesus is the Great Physician. Manroop believed that this was true, so she invited Marut to come pray for her mother.

When Marut arrived at Manroop’s home, he prayed for Jesus to deliver Manroop’s mother. Suddenly, after years of turmoil, Manroop’s mother was healed!

Because of this miracle, Manroop and her mother received Jesus as their Savior! Now their home is a place of peace. While the family’s dream of building a home is still unfulfilled, Manroop trusts God’s plan for her family. Will you pray for the salvation of Manroop’s father and for the completion of construction on the family home?