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A Living Nightmare Becomes Great Victory

Imagine if your child came home one day an entirely different person. That’s exactly what happened to the parents of Adesh, a teenage boy from a small village in northern India.

It started as a normal day, as Adesh visited a nearby village with friends. But on the way home, he began acting very strangely. His parents, Rabek and Barkat, noticed his behavior change immediately when he got home. Everything about Adesh—his voice, his mannerisms, his body language—was different.

Eventually, the family went to bed, and Adesh’s parents hoped he would simply return to normal in the morning. But their home soon erupted into chaos. In the middle of the night, Adesh awoke and ran out of their home. His parents searched frantically throughout the night. They asked others in their village if they had seen Adesh, but no one had. Finally, they searched a graveyard, and they found him there, sleeping on the tombs.

From then on, life was like a living nightmare. Sometimes, Adesh was mostly himself. But without warning, he would flip a switch. The family’s nights became sleepless cycles of chaos. Adesh would awake and run to the tombs. Rabek and Barkat would find him, coax him to come home, and hope that he would sleep soundly afterward. But he never did. Whatever was afflicting Adesh, it was getting worse, and he was even suspended from school because of his disruptive behavior.

Friends and neighbors kept their distance, whispering that Adesh was affected by evil spirits. His parents tried every means they could think of to help their son. Adesh spent an entire month in the hospital but didn’t improve at all. Next, they met with a witchdoctor. They paid him a large sum of money to get rid of the evil spirits, but Adesh only became more agitated by his methods.

In their minds, there was nowhere left to turn… until one day, when a man named Dalir came to their village. Dalir was a Church Planter equipped through the prayers and support of people like you. After hearing about Adesh’s affliction, he visited to offer his help. He told Adesh’s family about Jesus, and that belief in Him brings freedom from oppression. It all sounded strange and unfamiliar, so Barkat and Rabek began to send Dalir away. But overhearing this, a neighbor encouraged them to try following Dalir’s advice anyhow. After all, what harm could Dalir’s prayers do?

So, Dalir prayed over Adesh in the name of Jesus, and he was immediately delivered from the evil spirits! The relief on everyone’s faces was palpable. Adesh’s parents were overjoyed that they finally had their son back. The whole family joyfully received Christ and celebrated this victory!

This didn’t mean life was easy; initially, the family faced a lot of opposition for their faith. But they stood firm, sharing the hope of the Gospel and the miracle that God had done. Gradually, the community accepted their new beliefs, and they are now able to worship freely. Pray that God will use Adesh and his family’s testimony to bring many others to faith in Christ.