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His Power, Made Perfect in Weakness

Sohana dreamed of going out and playing with her friends, but it simply wasn’t an option. She was too weak. She was dealing with a painful disease, and since her parents were uneducated, they didn’t know how to take proper care of her and kept spending money on the wrong medication. Pleas to their gods didn’t help either, and the family lost all hope that Sohana would ever recover.

Locals openly stated that they were certain Sohana would die within five months, adding a horrible layer of emotional pain to the physical pain she already felt. These hurtful words lingered with Sohana, and she was left in tears, awaiting her fate.

But God had greater plans for Sohana’s life! Through the support of people like you, He equipped a woman named Kaina to start a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club in the area. This compassionate believer visited homes throughout the neighborhood to invite local children to the program, and in the process, she met Sohana and her family.

Kaina learned about Sohana’s disease, and she prayed for the young girl in Jesus’ name. And she didn’t stop! Kaina returned to the family’s house regularly to encourage and pray for Sohana.

Eventually, the pain reduced, and Sohana was able to engage in some activities again. Sohana’s parents could see that Kaina’s God healed her when their own gods couldn’t, so they agreed to let her attend the Bible Club.

There, Kaina was patient and sensitive toward Sohana’s needs. She helped Sohana with her homework, and pretty soon, her grades were improving. Kaina also asked the other children to pray for Sohana’s continued healing, and the community of young believers eagerly did so.

Meanwhile, Kaina worked with Sohana’s parents to teach them about vitamins and supplements, along with good health practices to follow. Through it all, Sohana regained her strength! She was soon able to enjoy all aspects of the Bible Club, including sports and jumping rope.

Sohana’s story is a testament to 2 Corinthians 12:9, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” When her family saw God’s power at work in Sohana, they all received Jesus as their Savior! What a joy it is to see the Gospel demonstrated and proclaimed in a way that transforms a whole family.