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5 Ways to Teach Kids about Jesus

With Easter right around the corner, we’re reminded of just how good the Good News really is. It’s so worthwhile to share it with others!

And if you have kids in your life, you have an awesome opportunity to share the love of Jesus with the next generation. You can be a true Difference Maker by passing down a legacy of faith!

I’d love to! But what if I don’t have kids living at home?

No problem. Think about the children you have an influence on: nieces and nephews, neighbors, grandchildren, kids in your church… You can demonstrate and proclaim the Gospel to them by reflecting Jesus in your everyday life!

Where do I start?

We’ve got ideas just for you. They come right from our Children’s Bible Clubs in India, so you can re-purpose tried-and-true activities that will help you proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel to the kids you know!

Count me in!

Sweet. Let’s walk through some of the activities boys and girls enjoy in Children’s Bible Clubs and think through how you can use them, too.

  1. Share your favorite Bible story. This is a great way to start with the basics! We find that children in India are fascinated by stories of Jesus. They’re amazed to hear about His miracles and unconditional love! Whether you read a story from a children’s Bible or tell a story from Scripture in your own words, you can inspire children in their faith by opening their eyes to the Word of God.
  2. Use playtime to teach Jesus’ lifestyle. In our Children’s Bible Clubs, boys and girls love to simply play together. Bible Club leaders use this time to teach children how to treat each other kindly like Jesus calls us to do. You can do this with the kids in your life, too! It’s as simple as saying, “Jesus teaches us to love everyone, so how can you make sure you’re including kids who feel left out?”
  3. Sing Bible-based songs together. The boys and girls who attend our Children’s Bible Clubs absolutely love the time spent singing action songs. They learn motions to songs with Christ-centered lyrics, and we know from experience that the catchy tunes easily get stuck in your head! To put this in practice, teach children your favorite song about Jesus, or look up song ideas online! Practice the song and motions with them, and little by little, they’ll have some of Jesus’ promises memorized through songs.
  4. Teach them the power of prayer. Do the children in your life know the value of prayer? You have an awesome opportunity to tell them all about it! Share your own experiences with answered prayer and tell them Bible stories about answered prayer. Then, ask what they’d like to see God do in their lives and pray for it together! Over and over, children in India have reminded us that God loves to move through the prayers of His youngest disciples.
  5. Talk about ways they can share the Gospel with others! When children in India want to share the Gospel with their parents, they often invite their Children’s Bible Club leader to come over and be part of the conversation. Bible Club leaders gladly come alongside them to explain the Good News at home! Start by encouraging them to share their faith, and pray for opportunities together. Then, help them think through ways to explain the love of Jesus to a classmate or teammate!

Activities like these can change lives—not just among the children you reach but also in their circles of influence. Choose any of the above options to get started—you’ll make a difference in a child’s life no matter which option you try!


  • We believe prayer is the first work of missions, and that includes the mission of sharing about Jesus with children! Pray over the children you’re teaching about Jesus, and ask Him to guide you in reaching them.
  • Easter is around the corner, opening doors left and right for great conversations around the Gospel! As you interact with family members, neighbors, coworkers, and friends over the next couple of weeks, how can you use this season to share what you’re celebrating on Easter? Pray for opportunities and discernment in these conversations!


  • Teach children about Jesus using this hands-on activity! Give them a bucket of water and rag, and ask them to clean various things—inside and out—with that rag. Eventually, they’ll notice that the bucket of water is becoming muddy after dipping the dirty rag in it so many times. Here’s where the lesson comes in: No matter how much “dirt” we have in our lives, Jesus can make us clean! Even if we’re as messy as that bucket of water. Jesus forgives it all (plus, you got help with chores along the way!).
  • Want to help more children in India experience the fun, Gospel-focused activities we shared? Right now, every dollar you give toward 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs is being matched, allowing TWO of India’s children to enroll in the program! Give a matched gift here.