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How to Rediscover Your Excitement for God

If you’ve known Jesus for many years, it can be easy to forget how exciting the Gospel really is. Anything that’s familiar is at risk of feeling ordinary—you may find yourself growing accustomed to the same stories with the same lessons from the same traditions.

But that’s why it’s so amazing that God designed our faith to connect with our feet. We rediscover how wonderful He is when we walk out our faith, moving our knowledge of Christ into action!

When we proclaim the Gospel while also demonstrating it, we put feet to our faith. All of a sudden, our understanding of Jesus becomes a living reminder of how great He is!

What does it look like to put feet to your faith?

It looks a lot like carrying out the Good News of Jesus to people like Mahasri—people who need to see the Gospel demonstrated to them in a personal way.

Mahasri was from a wealthy family that gave her everything she ever needed or wanted. She was a good student with lots of promise, but she was self-centered.

Meanwhile, many in her relatives had embraced Christianity for generations, but Mahasri’s parents were living with lukewarm faith. Outside of Christmas and Easter, they didn’t make Jesus a part of their lives.

Because of this, Mahasri had no knowledge of the Bible and did not truly understand the sacrifice of Jesus. It’s no wonder she was self-centered, having no biblical guidance.

But then, people like you put feet to their faith by allowing Mahasri to enroll in a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club!

This could change everything…

It sure did! Mahasri met Bible Club leader Chahna, who was attentive and kind. Chahna shared stories about Jesus, but she was different from anyone Mahasri had met; Chahna actually modeled the compassion she talked about.

The other children at the Bible Club became essential to Mahasri’s experience. They cheered her on during sports activities, helped her with homework, and encouraged her to be selfless. Chahna and the children didn’t just talk about Jesus; they lived like Jesus.

Mahasri’s life was changed because of what she saw, not just what she heard. She experienced the love of God through Chahna and her new friends, and she received Jesus as her Lord and Savior as a result!

Mahasri’s entire family noticed that she was starting to walk out her faith, demonstrating the love of Christ that had been shown to her. In turn, her family is now passionately pursuing a relationship with God!

Self-check: Where are my feet?

There are people in your life like Mahasri—maybe even people in your very own home. What if they need to see Jesus, not just hear about Him? What if they need to see where you put your feet?

YOU can be like Chahna and the Bible Club children for someone else today. In the process of walking out your faith, you, too, will be reminded of the power of the Gospel!


  • Ask the Father to give you the compassion of Jesus for people like Mahasri.
  • Pray for opportunities to put your feet where your faith is.