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Choosing Jesus Despite Abusive Opposition

For Badeeh, being at home was like being in prison. His dad, Maher, would not allow him to leave the house or talk with friends, and rules were even harsher for Badeeh’s sister, since Maher held a bias against girls. Home life was at its worst when Maher got drunk and abused the family.

With a household like this, you can imagine how excited—yet fearful—Badeeh felt when he was invited to a Children’s Bible Club. He was thrilled to be offered such a fun opportunity, but on the other hand, he knew his father would be livid if he discovered that Badeeh attended.

Badeeh bravely decided to join the Bible Club, secretly gaining his mom’s approval. He finally had a place to feel safe! He loved singing action songs, memorizing Scripture, and doing Bible-based skits while surrounded by an uplifting community. Badeeh enjoyed the experience so much that he started bringing his brother and sister to the Bible Club, too!

But then, Maher noticed something: Badeeh seemed to be distancing himself from the family’s deities. So, Maher approached Badeeh and asked him to bow down before their idols. Badeeh hesitated, and then he said something that shocked the entire family: Through the Children’s Bible Club, he had received Jesus as his Savior.

In a rage, Maher grabbed his leather belt and beat Badeeh mercilessly. And yet, even after he was covered in bruises, Badeeh’s faith couldn’t be shaken. He not only continued to attend the Children’s Bible Club; he courageously invited the Bible Club leader to his house to share the Gospel with his mom. Something shifted in Badeeh’s mom’s heart when she heard about Jesus, and she was inspired to join a worshipping group!

Meanwhile, Badeeh prayed for his dad’s transformation. And when Maher was sober, Badeeh’s mom spoke with him about Jesus. God performed a miracle for this family: Maher’s attitude toward Christianity changed, and he gave up his addiction!

Badeeh shared his testimony with the other children in the Bible Club, Proclaiming the power of Christ! Now, Badeeh says, “I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for everything He has done in my life. I keep praising God for bringing a great change in my family. I hope that one day my whole family will truly believe in Lord Jesus Christ and receive Him as their personal Savior. Please pray for them.” Will you join Badeeh in prayer for the rest of his family to be transformed by the Gospel?