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Chakrik Gained Christ—and Lost His Family

Chakrik was a devout young man who persistently worshipped his gods and goddesses. He performed rituals daily and believed that, by swimming in rivers considered holy, he was cleansed of his sins.

He thought his life was perfect, but that was far from the truth. As a 19-year-old, Chakrik ignored his studies at school and didn’t take life seriously. Because of his laziness, he was closing out high school with a lack of purpose and direction.

But all that changed when God sent Church Planter Jitain into his life. Jitain was visiting a local family that expressed concern for Chakrik, so Jitain met up with him and shared the Gospel. At first, Chakrik was resistant. He was skeptical of Jitain and couldn’t believe any God was better than his own deities.

Jitain patiently continued to meet with Chakrik, explaining that we all have sin that only Jesus can cleanse. Chakrik asked many questions and tried his best to prove his own religion to be true.

Eventually, the Holy Spirit helped Jitain satisfy all of Chakrik’s doubts. Chakrik realized that he had followed false gods, and his eyes were opened to the truth. The love of God captivated his heart, and he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior!

In this defining moment of his life, Chakrik’s family was angry with him. They begged him to denounce Jesus. They had many conversations with him about the value of his old gods, but no matter how much they persisted, Chakrik remained faithful to Christ.

Eventually, Chakrik’s parents took their opposition a step further. They falsely accused him and kicked him out of the house! Distraught, Chakrik called Jitain, who encouraged him not to revolt against his parents but instead remain calm, respectful, and prayerful.

Chakrik continues to face many challenges and insults from his family, but his love for Christ is only increasing. He has found community in a local worshipping group that helps his faith grow strong! As Christ first loved him, Chakrik loves his family and prays for them every day. Will you pray along with him for the salvation of his family?