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Masma: Fired for Faith in Christ

On the day they got married, Agrim promised Masma that he would always protect her and provide for her. This laid the foundation for a happy marriage for many years.

But then Agrim became addicted to alcohol and forgot his promises to Masma. Instead of caring for his family, Agrim spent most of his earnings on his addiction. And when Masma tried to stop him, he beat her.

Agrim’s life turned upside down one day when he was working on a roof and fell off. The accident left Agrim paralyzed and unable to work, so Masma started working as a maid for a local family.

She now had to balance caring for her husband’s needs while earning enough to put food on the table. Meanwhile, their debts piled up, which overwhelmed Masma. She couldn’t see a way out, and she contemplated taking her own life.

Around this time, Church Planter Praktan found out about Masma and Agrim’s situation. Praktan came to Masma and shared the Gospel with her, explaining Jesus’ power to heal. As she listened to the stories, Masma believed in Jesus as the one, true God. She confessed her sins and received Jesus as her Savior!

However, many of her husband’s family members were upset about this, so they began to spread rumors about Masma. They contacted the family she was working for and convinced them to fire Masma! This meant she lost her one and only source of income.

People in the village continued to mock Masma and ridicule her for turning away from their ancestral traditions. But the more they mocked, the stronger Masma grew in her faith. She firmly shared, “I have decided to live for the Lord and I will not turn back.”

Despite the resistance she faces, Masma continues to worship God, praising Him in all circumstances and encouraging others to do the same.