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From Persecutor to Christian Leader

Years ago, Sibani would have been the last person you’d picture leading children to Christ. But Jesus works in incredible ways—we hope her testimony brings you hope for others who are far from Him!

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Sibani. I am a housewife, and my husband is working as a pastor in my village. Here I am going to share my testimony.

I was born and raised by parents who worshipped many gods. I attended religious festivals, and I hated Christians.

I used to argue with Christians when they came to us to preach the Gospel. I tried to stop them—I would bring my neighbours and make them beat the Christians. I hindered prayer meetings and tried to make sure the pastor would not come back to the village. We put together a group to stop all the Gospel meetings.

During this time, suddenly my sister got sick. My relatives thought that somebody had done witchcraft to her. My neighbours told me to take my sister to the different gods we worshipped. So, we worshipped and sacrificed everything to them. When nothing happened, we took my sister to the hospital, but she did not get well.

Then, one of my neighbours came to my mother and told her about Jesus Christ. She suggested to attend church on Sunday, where the pastor could pray and God could heal.

So, my mother took my sister to the church. The pastor prayed for her, and after coming to the home, my sister got well! My mother and my sister started believing in Jesus and attending the church.

I still didn’t believe in Jesus Christ and remained opposed to the Christians. But then suddenly I got sick. I had blood coming from my nose and from my mouth, so I went to the hospital, but nothing changed. I took medicine, but the problem didn’t go away. I even visited another religion’s gathering place, but nothing happened there either.

During this dangerous time, a Christian man talked to me about Jesus Christ. He told me, “You have tried many hospitals and many ways to heal, but this God will heal you.” Then I decided to go to the church and the pastor specially prayed for me and told me about Jesus Christ. He gave me a Bible to read daily, so I started searching the Truth by reading the Bible. After three days, I felt very good. I realised that Jesus Christ is the only way, truth, and life. When I prayed, I got healed! From that day onwards, I decided to serve Him.

All glory to God.

Today, Sibani lives in India’s state of Telangana, where she shares the Good News of Jesus daily with local boys and girls in the Year-Long Children’s Bible Club she leads.