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Bible Club Leader Testimony: Sahila

Sahila grew up in a home that claimed to be Christian, but it was in words only and none of them truly had a relationship with Jesus. It wasn’t until her father’s death that something changed. Read her testimony to learn what prompted her to eventually become a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club leader!

Praise the Lord! First, I want to thank Jesus for giving me a life full of gratitude. Before coming to truly know Jesus, there was always fighting in our home. We used harsh words with one another, and I was very depressed. I felt guilty that we had no peace and no blessings in our house. Nor did we have money or good health. I felt miserable and didn’t know what to do about my family.

In 2013, when I was still a child, my father died. Prior to this, my family claimed to believe in God, but we really didn’t serve Him or trust Him. When my father died, however, we realized that God was the only one there with us. I could feel that He never left my side. God blessed our family as my mother took on all the responsibilities of running our home and providing for our needs. One by one, our problems were solved in the name of Jesus!

I started Bible college in 2016 where I learned more about God and experienced more blessings. I surrendered my life to Jesus and have never left Him. Jesus is always with me and has changed my life!  Now I attend church regularly and serve as a worship leader as well as in ministry to children. I am so thankful for my church and what I continue to learn about God in new and meaningful ways.

We are so thankful for Sahila’s positive attitude and her desire to share Jesus with the children in the Year-Long Children’s Bible Club she leads. Please pray that God will continue to use her grateful heart and enthusiasm for spreading the Good News as she touches more and more lives in the name of Jesus.