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Seeza: No Longer “Going Through the Motions

Growing up, Seeza was surrounded by people who worshipped Jesus, but she never truly knew Him as her personal Saviour. Read her testimony as she shares how Jesus moved from “her head to her heart”!

I am Seeza and I praise the Lord that I am able to give my testimony. I grew up in a family that claimed to follow Jesus, but it really was in words and routines only.  We went to our church out of habit, but I had no purpose in my life. I attended because it seemed the right thing to do and I wanted to see my friends.

At the church, my friends and I got into a lot of mischief as we really didn’t know the Lord Jesus as our personal Saviour. One day when I was misbehaving, I got caught by the pastor. He scolded me and talked with my parents.

My parents wanted me to be good and so they asked our pastor if he would help me learn more about Jesus and what it meant to follow Him. I started reading the Bible and it changed me!

After a few years, I received Jesus as my personal Saviour. Today, I am fully surrendered to living my life for Him. After making this life-changing decision, I married a pastor. I have joined him in serving our church in the children’s ministry. I thank God for choosing me to work in His kingdom and serve others.

Today, Seeza is a Children’s Bible Club leader and her husband is a pastor!  It is always thrilling to see couples working together in service to others who desperately need to know the love of Jesus.