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Poroma Finds the Good Shepherd

Poroma grew up in a home where her father was the head monk in their local monastery. Read her testimony below to learn more about how she came to know Jesus and lead a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club.

Now in my mid-thirties, I grew up in a family where my father worshipped in the local monastery daily where he was the head monk. I used to go to the monastery as well and believed my god was the creator and almighty god. I fasted regularly and thought I was a great person for my actions.

One day, I failed a class in school. This surprised me as I had always attributed my good grades to the fasting I did for my god. This made me feel very discouraged, and I started doubting my faith. My devotion and fasting no longer had the results I expected, and I started searching for the true God.

I finally found that the one true God is Jesus Christ! As I was wandering through the market, someone gave me literature entitled, “Good Shepherd.” I hurried and read what was written which started me thinking. I didn’t fully understand what the pamphlet said and wanted to find someone who could explain it to me.

Two days later, a Christian friend at school gave me the same piece of literature. I was shocked and told her all the things that had happened in my life. She invited me to come to her church where I could learn more and better understand what I had read.

I went to church the following Sunday and was still confused. But after a month I began to better understand what I was reading in the Bible and discovered that Jesus is my Good Shepherd. There is no one else like Him. From that time forward, I have prayed only to Jesus.

I have been transformed by the love of Jesus and my entire family has received Him as our Savior. We are all Christians and live a happy life working in ministry with the children. Praise God!

Please pray for Poroma and her family as they boldly serve and worship Jesus, leaving behind their old faith. Pray that God will bless their work with the children in their village and that Poroma will have great joy and wisdom as she leads the children in her Bible Club. We are so thankful that even in a time of persecution, God continues to raise up leaders, like Poroma, to let the children of India learn about Jesus.