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You’re Never Too Old to Change Your Life

Manjima faithfully followed her family’s gods, but underneath her religious devotion, she felt empty. Doubt crept in as she thought about her rituals and how useless they seemed, yet she didn’t know another way to live.

When Manjima was 75, her husband Rangit suffered a sudden heart attack and died. Crippled by grief, Manjima moved in with her youngest son and his family, but she rarely even left her bed. Anger overwhelmed Manjima. After all the decades of faithful worship, was widowhood really her “reward”?

In Manjma’s religious group, widows are outcasts from society, considered bad luck. So, on the few occasions when Manjima did venture out into her village, she was shunned, spit at, and called names. Manjima’s despair deepened. She wondered if she truly was bad luck, cursed by her gods.

Manjima felt so wretched and unwanted that she became aggressive toward others. People began saying that she was affected by an evil spirit. She became so tormented that she thought of ending her life. Years passed in a haze of depression and despair.

Thankfully, Jesus had not abandoned Manjima. Her friend told her about an Adult Literacy Class nearby, and Manjima decided that learning to read and write was one positive thing she could do with her life. She had always wanted to become literate, but it had never seemed possible. Now, at the age of 85, she jumped at the chance and began attending the classes.

Rayna, the Adult Literacy teacher, took notice of Manjima. She acted peculiarly, never quite settling down, and always looking around as if expecting someone to attack or jeer at her. After class, Rayna approached Manjima, who shared her story of misery and desperation.

Rayna affirmed Manjima’s value and assured her that she was always safe and welcome at the Adult Literacy Class. She prayed in Jesus’ name for Manjima to be freed from depression and the evil spirit that was clearly affecting her. Right away, the spirit left her, and a new peace began growing in Manjima’s heart!

As Manjima kept attending the classes, she continued hearing about Jesus. She began going to a prayer group, where she heard that Jesus loves her and offers the forgiveness of sins. Manjima joyfully accepted this news, confessing her sins and receiving Christ as her Savior! Immediately, the peace that had been growing in Manjima became an overwhelming flood, washing away the years of shame, bitterness, and grief.

Today, abundant joy shines on Manjima’s face! Manjima is confident in her identity as a daughter of God, and she prays for those who harass her for being a widow. She has worked diligently at learning how to read and write. Thanks to the Adult Literacy Class, Manjima now enjoys reading the Bible every day! Her son, Sabit, has seen her renewed hope and is interested in the Gospel, too. Pray with us that he and his family will receive salvation through Manjima’s testimony.