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Madia Receives True Healing

Madia lived an ordinary yet happy life as a young wife and mother of three. She woke early each morning to perform rituals at the temples of her gods before returning home to get her children ready for school. Madia then spent her days caring for their home, preparing their meals, and managing their household.

But this ordinary life came to a halt one day when Madia was struck with intense dizziness and fainting spells.

Partho, Madia’s husband, stayed home from work for a time so that she could rest and recover. However, recovery never came. The family soon realized that Madia’s fainting and weakness were due to a continual loss of blood. The couple began trying everything they could to heal her. They fasted to please their gods. They prayed earnestly to the deities for good health. They visited numerous hospitals and tried many medications. Yet two years and countless dollars later, nothing had changed.

However, Madia had a neighbor named Ujaala who was a Christian. She told Madia about a local Church Planter who would pray for her healing. Madia was uncertain about inviting the Church Planter to pray for her, but she was so miserably tired of being sick that she said yes.

When Church Planter Sahmir visited Madia and Partho’s home, he read to them from Mark 5. Madia listened to the story of a woman who bled for 12 years and was healed in an instant just by touching Jesus’ cloak, and it was as if she was hearing her own story. Madia knew that woman’s suffering so personally, and she hoped for that same healing for herself.

She began attending the local worshipping group regularly, eagerly learning about the love of Christ and reading the Word of God with others. The community of believers welcomed Madia in, and seeing their faith increased her trust in God. As the months passed, even though Madia was still ill, her troubles no longer dominated her thoughts. She had found hope in Christ, and she realized that knowing Him is the true prize. Eventually, to God’s glory, Madia was healed of the mysterious bleeding illness, and her faith increased all the more!

Partho began attending the worshipping group with Madia, and soon they both found complete hope and peace in Christ. Instead of visiting the temple, Madia’s new routine is to spend time worshipping, reading the Bible, and praying together as a family.

The couple even enjoys hosting a prayer group in their home and sharing the hope of the Gospel with their neighbors! Pray that they would remain grounded in Christ and that the faith of their children would also flourish.