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Children + the Gospel = THIS

In our last devotional together, we met a Difference Maker named Ani, who leads a Children’s Bible Club. We’re so grateful that Ani is empowering young boys and girls to become Difference Makers themselves!

Our ministry partners in India are constantly telling us stories about God furthering the Gospel through children, through the leadership of caring believers like Ani. For those of us who are already adults, this is a great reminder of the opportunity and privilege we have to empower the children in our sphere of influence to further God’s Kingdom.

Great things can happen when we do!

Like what?

Glad you asked. Allow us to answer that by introducing you to Noriza.

For two years, she suffered from health problems that caused her a great deal of pain. Things got so bad that she struggled to eat properly, resorting to light meals that were easy to digest. She lost weight in the process, leaving her lethargic all of the time. For a while, she even stopped going to high school.

Doctors couldn’t treat her?

They tried. She went to many doctors, actually, and she tried all kinds of medications. But none of it helped.

Noriza became a Difference Maker thanks to your support of Children’s Bible Clubs!

Noriza would probably still be stuck in pain if it wasn’t for the day she met a woman named Pujasri while walking home from school. Pujasri invited her to the Year-Long Children’s Bible Club she led!

Despite her dad being a monk who didn’t want her involved in Christian activities, Noriza accepted Pujasri’s invitation. She came to the Bible Club the very next day, along with two of her friends! They had the best time, happily singing action songs and playing games together.

At the end of the day, Pujasri kindly asked Noriza about her wellbeing. After learning about the young girl’s condition, Pujasri regularly prayed for her healing in Jesus’ name.

A new sense of assurance and encouragement washed over Noriza, amazed at this woman’s compassionate prayers. Little by little, Noriza’s health improved, so she decided to join Pujasri in praying to Jesus!

What did Noriza’s parents think of this?

She didn’t tell them about her budding faith just yet, knowing they’d likely be opposed. Instead, she pursued Christ in secret, joining a prayer group and then a local worshipping group in addition to the Year-Long Bible Club.

Eventually, Noriza became so assured of her faith in Christ that she boldly told her mom about how He was healing her through prayer. Noriza’s mom initially responded in fear, convinced that her husband would be angry about this.

And at first, that’s exactly what happened: Noriza’s dad was unhappy to learn of her involvement in Christian activities. But to see his daughter well again? He couldn’t deny the goodness in that.

So, Noriza’s parents allowed her to continue attending Christian activities, even though they feared the local religious community’s response. Noriza ultimately received Jesus as her Savior!

That’s awesome! How did she become a Difference Maker through this?

First of all, she’s a light for Christ at home today. Her dad has slowly stepped away from performing his religious rituals! The joy of seeing his daughter healed has overcome his fear of opposition. Meanwhile, Noriza’s mom has become curious about prayer, opening doors for Noriza to proclaim the Good News.

Noriza has become a Difference Maker in the Bible Club, too! She helps Pujasri lead the younger children in activities, discipling others who are just a step away from a life change like hers.

Today, Noriza is almost completely healed—but beyond her own health, her main concern is for her parents’ salvation. You can be a Difference Maker for Noriza by joining her in prayer!

I’d love to!

Awesome. One more request: If Noriza’s story helped you recognize the power of reaching a child, will you consider ways to pour into other children like her? Take a look at the prayer requests and action steps below for ideas!


  • Pray for the salvation of Noriza’s parents! Ask God to keep using Noriza to reach them, and pray that the joy of Christ overcomes their fear of opposition.
  • Pray for the children in your life, by name, to become Difference Makers for Christ. After praying for the children in your family, pray over neighbor children and kids in your church!
  • Ask God to keep opening doors for India’s children to be discipled. Pray that through every Bible Club we launch, children will be changed by the Holy Spirit and go on to lead others to Christ.


  • Does your church need Sunday school volunteers or supplies for an Easter outreach event? Find ways to plug in! Your time, energy, and resources can make an incredible difference for your community’s children.
  • Do your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews know how to share the love of Jesus? Talk with them about it and help them think through the ways they can be a light for Christ at school, on the soccer field, and even among younger siblings.
  • Empower more children in India like Noriza by giving a gift toward our 10-Day Children’s Bible Club matching challenge! Every gift is being doubled through April 30, so $1 allows 2 children to attend a 10-Day Bible Club. Give a matched gift here.