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Creating a New Family Legacy

Marichi and her husband, Katap, had no opportunity to go to school as children. This meant that as adults, they struggled to provide for their family of five. Without an education, they earned tiny wages as agricultural laborers. And whenever their children had difficulty with their schoolwork, Marichi and Katap despaired because they could not offer any help.

Illiteracy was holding them back, but they had no idea how to make a change.

Thanks to the prayers and support of people just like you, a woman named Labonya was starting an Adult Literacy Class nearby. She had a passion for helping women just like Marichi! When the two women met, Labonya told Marichi about the class, and she was thrilled. This was exactly the opportunity she needed, and she had Katap’s complete support. Together, they had high hopes that this experience would help their family forge a new path in life.

Soon, Marichi attended the first class, and she found many of her neighbors there as well! As the days went by, the group of students grew from neighbors into friends, bonded together by their shared challenges. Learning how to read and write as adults was difficult for most of them, and Marichi was no exception. Even mastering the basic letters and numbers was challenging for Marichi. But after two months of persistent study, she could write her name and some other simple words! Though this accomplishment may seem small, Marichi was filled with newfound confidence.

The Literacy Class benefitted Marichi far beyond reading and writing lessons! When illiteracy is a family legacy passed down for generations—as with Katap and Marichi’s families—there is also a lack of knowledge about basic health and hygiene practices. Through the Literacy Class, Marichi had the chance to attend a special health education training. She learned important lessons about maintaining good health, such as proper handwashing, safe food storage, good sleep habits, and eating nourishing foods. All of these concepts are new to families like hers that have never been exposed to education!

Shortly after the health training, pandemic lockdowns forced Marichi’s Literacy Class to pause. But thanks to all that she had learned, Marichi was confident instead of afraid. Her family continued practicing their new healthy habits during this critical time! And whenever the government released new safety protocols, Marichi was able to read them for herself, asking her children for help when needed.

Even though she was unable to complete the Literacy Class because of the pandemic, Marichi experienced profound and lasting change. She expected to grow mentally, but the social, emotional, and physical benefits of the Literacy Class have also been invaluable. Spiritually, Marichi continues to claim her Christian heritage, but it is not an active part of her life. Please pray that Marichi, Katap, and their three children would come to a true knowledge of Christ. Praise God for the new legacy of literacy that their family is creating together!