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A Middle Child Finally Feels Seen

Manvi is a young girl who has two older sisters and two younger brothers. Her family is fortunate that her father has a well-paying job as a policeman. However, it does mean that he is often away from home for long periods of time.

As the middle child, Manvi soon learned that life was easier if she just stayed out of the way. Her mother had her hands full maintaining their home, cooking for a family of seven, raising Manvi’s younger brothers, and dealing with her irresponsible older sisters. So, Manvi stayed quiet and kept to herself.

School was no different. Manvi was intensely shy; she hardly spoke to any of her peers and certainly didn’t make any friends that way. Worse, she was even afraid to speak up to her teachers and ask for help when she began struggling to learn. She didn’t ask for help with her schoolwork at home, either, and so she gradually fell further and further behind.

At school and at home, Manvi felt entirely unnoticed and unimportant.

That changed when a woman named Shanta started a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club nearby. She invited all the children in the village to join, including Manvi and her siblings. Although they were nominal Christians, they were uninterested in the Bible Club at first.

Day after day, however, they saw their peers singing songs, playing sports, and making friends. Eventually, they decided they had to get in on the fun! Manvi went along with her siblings, but because she was so painfully shy, it wasn’t as much fun for her. Socializing with other kids was already difficult for Manvi, and with competition added into the mix during game time, she was terrified.

Shanta noticed Manvi struggling to adapt to the Bible Club and began spending extra time with her, helping her to feel more comfortable. Slowly, Shanta and Manvi got to know one another. Between playing games and being tutored, Manvi developed trust and a genuine friendship with Shanta.

Once Manvi realized that she was not only seen but also safe with Shanta, she blossomed! She began participating in the singing, dancing, and games with joy and excitement. She also worked diligently on her homework, determined to catch up!

Manvi even listened eagerly when Shanta spoke about Jesus! Manvi knew that she and her family considered themselves Christians, but she had no clue what that actually meant. Shanta told Manvi that Jesus loves her, and that God made her specially and wants to be her friend! This news was incredible to Manvi, and she began praying to Jesus, which brought her great peace.

Today, Manvi is no longer a shy and neglected girl, but one with confidence and determination! She draws closer to Jesus every day, and she knows that He is “el Roi,” the God who sees her. Pray that Manvi and her whole family would become living testimonies of God’s love.