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Nadal Discovers Truth in the Bible

Church Planter Vanit often walked the roads of his village, praying for God to lead him to those who needed to hear about the love of Jesus. As he encountered people in his community, Vanit would strike up conversations and hand out Bibles, along with other printed materials that explained the Gospel message.

One such day, Vanit met Nadal. The two greeted one another, and Vanit gave Nadal a booklet that told the story of Jesus. Nadal accepted the booklet but set it aside to read when he had more time.

After their first meeting, Vanit and Nadal often engaged in conversation, talking about their families and hopes in life. Vanit learned that while Nadal had received his master’s degree, he had yet to find a job and was extremely disappointed about it. Vanit told Nadal he would be praying for his future.

At the same time, Nadal sought answers from his gods, asking why they would not bless him. In desperation, Nadal questioned whether or not the gods he worshipped even existed. The pressure Nadal felt was exacerbated by the fact his parents had such high hopes for him. They toiled hard in the fields and thought Nadal would bring a brighter future for them.

Finally, Nadal remembered the book he had received from Vanit and began to read about Jesus. He found the words comforting, and the Gospel message even provided solutions for some of his problems. Nadal was touched to learn about an innocent man who was killed to save the lives of others. The more he read, the more he realized there was something unique about Jesus, and he wanted to know more.

Nadal continued to talk with Vanit and began reading the Bible to learn the truth. He came to realize that true peace and joy came from knowing the one true God and began attending a local worshipping group. There, Nadal felt the presence of God who loved him. He had a strong desire to have Christ in his heart and decided to confess his sins and surrender his life to Jesus!

Nadal came home and shared the Gospel with his family. In just a few weeks, Nadal’s entire family joined him in attending the worshipping group. Their faith grew as they listened to God’s Word and experienced God’s love, peace, and happiness.

Today, each member of Nadal’s family has a treasured copy of the Bible. They read it with passion and host a prayer group in their home. Please pray for Nadal and his family as they grow deeper in their faith and their relationship with Jesus.