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“I forgot to make a New Year’s resolution!”

We’re wired to want change with the beginning of a new year. Whether it’s a resolution, goals, or intentions, there is a pull to hit the reset button. We all want to believe there’s a chance to start fresh—and that includes in our spiritual lives!

That’s good news for those of us who follow Jesus, because He’s in the business of making things new. He loves taking things we thought were dead and breathing new life into them—no matter who we are or where we find ourselves. A new year means new opportunities to grow with Him!

Love that, but it’s 9 days into the New Year already…

You didn’t miss your chance! If you’re wanting God to strengthen your spiritual life, it’s not too late to make a New Year’s resolution. Allow us to explain why.

In Matthew 20, Jesus tells a story about a vineyard owner and his workers. The owner promises to pay the workers one denarius for a day of work. Later in the day, more workers come. When all is said and done, the vineyard owner pays one denarius to each worker, whether they worked all day or just one hour.

The workers who had been there all day were angry and felt they should be given more. But the owner responds in Matthew 20:15 by saying, “Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money? Or are you envious because I am generous?”

What does that mean for me?

Even if you haven’t thought about what this year with the Lord will look like, you’re in good company. God’s good gifts don’t depend on when you start your goals around spiritual growth. He longs to breathe spiritual health into our walks with Him as soon as we’re ready, whether that’s on January 1, January 9, or later in the year.

In a similar way, God celebrates (and we celebrate with Him!) when a young child follows Jesus and continues to serve Him the rest of her life. But we celebrate just as much when an elderly man, who has spent his life worshipping idols, receives Christ as Savior in his final days. Both receive the gift of salvation and get to experience life in Him.

God wants to take your life, just as it is, and use it for His glory TODAY. You don’t have to be prepared to develop your spiritual health; you just have to say “yes.”


  • Ask the Lord to open your eyes to the ways He wants you to say “yes” this year.
  • Meditate on Matthew 20. Where do you see yourself in the story?


  • Plan intentional time to meet with God this week.
  • Where do you want to grow spiritually this year? Journal about ways to take a next step with God in 2023.