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Equip entire communities with essential resources to share the love of Jesus through our three proven programmes!

Reporting: Stay in the Loop

We’re committed to measuring what really matters. For every project, we not only report back on the activity that took place – but the results of that activity!

Children’s Bible Clubs – 1 year after sponsoring: summarised final report

Adult Literacy Classes – Progress report 6 months after sponsoring + Final report 1 year after sponsoring

Church Planter Training – Progress report 6 months after sponsoring + Final report 1 year after sponsoring

Sponsor a Project

At Year‐Long Children’s Bible Clubs, caring Christian leaders mentor boys and girls two hours a night for one year. The children hear Bible stories, play games, sing, memorise Scripture, and learn to pray to Jesus. They also receive tutoring help with their homework.

A gift of £640 gives 40 children a year of discipleship through a Bible Club. A gift of £3,200 supports five Year-Long Bible Clubs to reach 200 children a year.

Each Adult Literacy Class graduate achieves a year 6 level in reading, writing, and maths in just one year! The Bible‐based lessons introduce them to Christ. Students also learn practical skills like money management, hygiene, first aid, and skills to start their own business.

A gift of £840 gives 30 adults a year of discipleship through an Adult Literacy Class. A gift of £4,200 provides year-long classes for 150 adults (five classes of 30 students).

A year of hands‐on training and fieldwork fully equips a Church Planter for a lifetime of ministry. Nine months out of that year are spent in the field—doing evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. Church Planters are supplied materials (like Bibles and study booklets) to assist them as they disciple new believers.

A gift of £1,700 covers a Church Planter’s training.